5 Ways to Make Wedding Reception Fabulous

Most people worry a lot about the reception rather than the wedding itself. Most of the time, it is because the ceremony is a pre-planned event. But what about the reception? This is where everything happens and you want to ensure that all your guests enjoy. If a wedding reception is giving you a headache, we have the solution for you. You don’t need expensive things to make your reception fabulous. 

It is the mere elements that make wedding receptions amazing. Most people think that packing each moment of their program is what makes a reception incredible. If you are thinking the same, you are wrong. In case you have a wedding coming up soon and want to have a fabulous wedding reception, here are the simple ways to make it amazing. 

Engage the kids

If there will be kids at your wedding, ensure you have them involved. This will be a long a day and you don’t want to make the kids feel bored. Keep them engaged by alternating their activities. If they sit for ten minutes, give them an activity to carry out after the ten minutes are over. Create a table for the kids where they can have fun together and mingle with others. Consider having a nanny for mothers who have little kids. This will ensure that all the young ones are safe.

Ensure the speeches are short

Long speeches can be boring and some times a waste of time. People love listening to short and engaging. This is a joyful event and not a day to talk. Inform everyone who will be speaking that speeches need to be short. If a speech is long, it needs to be not more than three minutes.

Change into a comfortable dress

During the reception, you are going to dance around. The gown is likely to interfere with your dance moves and therefore, you will not enjoy the event. You will feel more relaxed dance your jumpsuit or tiny dress. When you are dressed in something comfortable. You are likely to dance more and move around more. 

Play the right music

This is one of the best things you can do at your wedding reception. Once you arrive at the reception, people want to hear enjoyable music and have some wine as they dance along. Apart from that, ensure that music is soft and the volume is low. This will prevent people from shouting. When people are having dinner, try and increase the volume a bit so you can create a great buzz. Ensure you have a list of the songs that you want to be played through the reception.

Get a coordinator for your wedding

Even if you have several ideas for the reception, that won’t be enough to ensure that everything goes well. Consider getting a coordinator to help in monitoring the program.


Wedding is the best day of your life. That is why you should ensure that everything goes well. Make your wedding memorable with a fabulous wedding reception – read article on wedding reception what is it.